The kit itself works like a wine or chocolate tasting kit. You open the vial of terpene isolate to smell* its contents and then you look for that same smell in your chemovar – if it is present, you look up that terpene in the booklet which has a brief description of the medicinal and physiological effects that that terpene indicates. In time, your nose will be able to identify that terpene on its own – but first, you need to be able to distinguish it from the others.

The Terpene Tasting Kit has dozens of applications in both the business world as well as for the cannabis enthusiast.


Farmers use it to demonstrate to buyers that their products have the desired terpene profiles.

Brokers use it to verify that a chemovar has the terpene profile they are looking for.

From farms to dispensaries, it is an essential tool for educating new employees.


Teach yourself to identify the terpene isolates in your chemovar and ask for them on your next dispensary trip! 

Craft your experience:

  • Make that walk in the woods magical.
  • House needs cleaning.
  • Have a date with gaming.
  • Pair the perfect meal.

Get the medicine you need:

  • A deep, restorative sleep.
  • A balm for sore muscles.
  • An anti-inflammatory. 



*The terpene isolates are not for consumption, they are an educational tool.