Terpene* Tasting Kit


A tool that tangibly demonstrates, for the average person, what makes craft cannabis unique – the nuances of the nose and the nuances of the craft experience. A tool for the cannabis enthusiast to understand what it takes farmers years to learn – how to ‘smell’ cannabis.


You’ve used a wine tasting kit, you’ve used a coffee tasting kit. This is a tasting kit that teaches you how to smell cannabis.



Cultivate and customize the effect, experience, and the flavor of craft cannabis.

“They used to use Beta-Caryophyllene to train dogs to find cannabis.”

– A farmer in Mendocino, CA





You may not realize it yet, but you have been exposed to terpenes your whole life through flowers, plants, and trees. Terpenes are to smell what colors are to sight; they are the language for describing what you are experiencing. They are exceedingly abundant in cannabis and guide not only the flavor and scent; but they also tell us how that flower is going to affect you – what kind of ‘high’ you can expect. 



Cannabis is the genus term that includes THC dominant and CBD dominant chemovars. – Wikipedia

cannabis plant


A chemically distinct varietal including terpenes and the cannabinoid profile. – Dr. Ethan Russo

The Entourage Effect

Terpenes, THCs, CBDs – all working together to create a unique experience. – Project CBD

smelling cannabis


The average person can identify half a million colors and over 1 trillion smells. – National Institute of Health