For the last few years, as part of my work with the 420 Archive, I spent a considerable amount of time with craft cannabis farmers. The idea for this product came about because they were always talking about terpenes and how they were looking for a specific terpene profile in their new chemovars and I just wanted to know what they were talking about. What does myrcene smell like? what does linalool smell like? Especially since the nose of the chemovar indicated what kind of experience a person would have when they consumed it. After a few years of talking about it, in June of 2019 I started working on what I thought would be a handy tool – samples of terpene isolates that you can use to teach yourself what each of the major terpenes smells like. It helps me understand what people are talking about when they’re describing ‘the nose’ of a chemovar and I’m learning how to ‘smell’ cannabis so that I can craft the experience I’m looking for.

The cannabis tasting kit is a beautiful redwood box containing eight vials of the most common terpenes found in the cannabis genus – so it works with both THC and CBD dominant chemovars. The box is handmade in Mendocino, California using sustainably sourced or upcycled materials.

The terpene isolates we use are plant-derived vs. cannabis-derived so there is no issue with them traveling across state lines. The plant-derived terpene isolates are ‘markers’ for cannabis-derived isolates and are to be used as a sensory prompt for your nose – they are not for consumption.

The guidebook talks about what terpenes, THC and CBDs are, and goes into detail about what each of the different terpenes are and do.