The idea for the Terpene Tasting Kit came about through my work with the 420 Archive. I often found myself talking with craft cannabis farmers about terpenes. While the discussion was old hat for them, I wanted to know what they were talking about. What does myrcene smell like? What does linalool smell like? I made this kit because I was curious, I wanted to learn how to smell the plant the way that farmers could.

The Terpene Tasting Kit is a beautiful redwood box containing vials of eight of the most common terpenes found in the cannabis genus – so it works with both THC and CBD dominant chemovars. The box is handmade in Mendocino, California using sustainably sourced or upcycled materials.

The terpene isolates we use are plant-derived vs. cannabis-derived so there is no issue with them traveling across state lines. Plant-derived terpene isolates are chemically no different than cannabis-derived isolates. They are to be used as a sensory prompt for your nose – they are not for consumption.

The guidebook talks about what terpenes, THC and CBDs are, and goes into detail about what each of the different terpenes are and do.